Barcelona Fans Angry Over High Ticket Prices for PSG Champions League Clash

The second leg of the UEFA Champions League between FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain is on April 16 at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys. Fans of the Spanish club will be ready to cheer on the Catalan side, but supporters have an issue. 

Albert Yarza, president of the Almogàvers Supporters, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the high price that Barcelona’s members have to pay to attend the Champions League match against PSG.

Yarza notes how the price to watch the French giants against the La Liga side has skyrocketed. While tickets were available at a reasonable price, they quickly sold, leaving some supporters to pay these high costs.

“The ticket prices for the PSG match have skyrocketed,” Yarza (h/t SPORT). “The cheapest ticket costs €230. There were some cheaper ones, around €174 or so, but they sold out very quickly. It’s an outrageous price.”

Additionally, Yarza mentions that members don’t receive substantial discounts when purchasing tickets. He points out the variation in discounts between the second leg against Napoli and the one against PSG.

“On the day of the Napoli game, members had between a 30 and 50 percent discount, but for this match [against PSG], they only have a 5 percent discount,” Yarza added. “The complaint goes in two directions: the small discount given to members and the prices, which are outrageous.”

Finally, he notes that these prices cater to tourists who come for one match and squeeze out the local supporters who attempt to attend every home contest. 

“The problem is that occasional customers are encouraged—those who attend just one match, people who spend €300 on a game (shirt and ticket),” Yarza said. “But it’s a mistake.

“It cannot be that the majority at Montjuïc are occasional customers. The club has the duty to ensure that players feel like they’re playing at home. If tourism outweighs the local audience, it will be harder for the players.”

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