Arsenal Eyes Opportunity Amid Mbappé’s Looming Move to Real Madrid, Report Says

Reports suggest that Kylian Mbappé will join Real Madrid as a free agent in June when his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires. This signing could have a domino effect, and Arsenal could use the Frenchman’s arrival to lure one player out of the Spanish capital.

As rumors swirl about Mbappé’s potential transfer to Real Madrid, it appears Los Blancos might need to make room for the French star by considering letting go of some of their current attacking players.

According to Defensa Central, via Sport, Real Madrid has placed a hefty €100 million to €120 million price tag on Rodrygo, making him a prime target for several European clubs, including Arsenal.

The 23-year-old might find himself out of luck with the rumored Mbappé deal looming. Although nothing’s been confirmed, reports from Defensa Central hint that Rodrygo could be the one making room for the French superstar.

It will be interesting to see if Arsenal or any other European club decides to pay this amount. Rodrygo could remain with Real Madrid, but he’d likely have to deal with his playing time being cut. 

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    1. It is the other way around – Arsenal is not good enough for Rodrygo. He may be having a loss of form currently but he is at Real Madrid for a reason and decisive in the CL. Arsenal’s captain and main pillar was a Real Madrid prospect that didn’t quite make it… this guy is a best 11 Madrid player in this current team. You might need to watch a few videos of what he typically does on the field to understand. There is very little chance of Arsenal feeding off RM scraps again.

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