Real Madrid Might Pay a Transfer for Kylian Mbappé, Latest Report Says

There’s an assumption that Kylian Mbappé will leave as a free agent. On Thursday, the 25-year-old reportedly informed Paris Saint-Germain of his decision to leave his hometown club. 

However, there’s a possibility that the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner won’t leave as a free agent and will leave a transfer fee for PSG. Journalist Ben Jacobs reports that Mbappé and PSG have not yet agreed on the terms of his departure. 

Jacobs adds that one option could be to extend his contract and then sell Mbappé, whether that’s specifically to Real Madrid or another club that wasn’t made specific in the information. Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume it would be to the Spanish side.

Furthermore, Paris is already working on the possible signing of multiple players, all of whom would be possible with Mbappé’s departure. Real Madrid keeps working on the Mbappé deal with total confidence to finish it.

Real Madrid keeps working on the Mbappé deal with total confidence to finish an agreement, but they might have to pay a transfer fee if Jacobs’ information is accurate.

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  1. Stop misleading people.
    PSG will get nothing from Real Madrid for Mbappe , coz as from the 30th of June 2024 ( 12 midnight) he will no longer be a PSG player

  2. It is remarkable that Al-Khaleifi / PSG turned down a 200M offer from Real Madrid (in 2021), then gave MBappe an absurd contract (76M ?) with unheard of bonuses (180M ?)… his total income from the club per year currently is rumoured to be 200M ( ! ). They have consistently said and shown that money is worthless to them in this situation. So why are they crying poor now that MBappe is leaving? They are acting as if FFP suddenly means something and they have no money to build a future PSG squad. This is ruining football and FIFA/UEFA has to stop this type of eroding of financial structure. Real Madrid are correct in trying to bring the player down to earth… PSG has corrupted his mind with money.

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