Kylian Mbappé vs. Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi: Social Media Earnings Unveiled

Kylian Mbappé and other footballers of his status are social media influencers. The Paris Saint-Germain winger is quickly rising as one of the top earners on Instagram. There are only two other football players making more money than him.

Football’s Finest delineated Instagram engagement rates and conducted an analysis utilizing pricing tools to evaluate the Instagram profiles of the top 50 footballers globally.

This assessment aimed to determine the highest earners from sponsored posts. It factors in follower count, engagement rate, and subsequent cost per post. 

Subsequently, the players were ranked based on their cost per post, with the highest earners positioned at the top and the lowest earners at the bottom of the list.

Mbappé finishes third in the Football Instagram Rich list, earning up to a possible £277,532 per sponsored post. Lionel Messi is ahead of the Frenchman, earning up to £1,240,000 per sponsored post, making him the second-highest earner. 

Ahead of both players is Cristiano Ronaldo, the top earner on social media. The Portugal international potentially earns over £1,490,000 per sponsored post.

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