Fabrizio Romano Discloses Real Madrid Dressing Room’s Feelings on Mbappé Saga

Transfer window specialist Fabrizio Romano revealed details regarding the Kylian Mbappé saga. The journalist noted how the Spanish club’s executives feel and shared how the dressing room thinks about the situation.

Members within the close circle of club president Florentino Pérez are convinced that Mbappé is prepared to transition to Real Madrid this time. Despite rejecting the 14-time UEFA Champions League champions previously, the circumstances appear to have shifted this time.

Romano notes that key figures in Real Madrid’s locker room are confident that the club will successfully secure the deal for Mbappé this time. Every day, the Real Madrid dressing room buzzes with discussions about the Paris Saint-Germain star.

Everyone involved anticipates that Mbappé will soon reveal his decision. However, Romano hasn’t specified an exact date for this announcement. Nevertheless, there’s a prevailing notion that the Frenchman plans to make his decision public while PSG still competes in the UEFA Champions League.

However, the unpredictability of Mbappé’s decision-making process means that even wilder developments could occur. It will be fascinating to observe how everything unfolds.

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