Barcelona’s Response to Real Madrid’s Potential Kylian Mbappé Deal Unveiled

Kylian Mbappé will reportedly leave Paris Saint-Germain in June when his contract with the capital club expires. While nothing is official, the expectation is for the Frenchman to join Real Madrid.

With the Spanish giants on track to land the 25-year-old, journalist Ramón Besa appeared on La Cadena Ser and discussed the fallout that Mbappé’s arrival will have on FC Barcelona.

Besa notes that Real Madrid’s signing of Mbappé brings out jealousy in the Catalan club. There’s no longer a Lionel Messi in their coffers to counter what their rivals would do and their current financial situation, so it makes sense. 

“What is clear is that many Barcelona supporters have seen Mbappé in white for a long time,” Besa said (h/t Le10Sport). “I don’t know if it’s a certain fear or dizziness if Madrid ends up signing Mbappé. It would be the culmination of Florentino’s project.

“FC Barcelona considers it very serious for sporting and economic interests. Let’s think that Madrid will start generating money with the new stadium, and the takeoff of Madrid could be very strong. The signature is more possible than ever, and Florentino has calculated it very well. All of this is causing jealousy in Barcelona, ​​which finds itself in a very delicate moment.”

If Barcelona wants to do any major spending, they likely have to sell off players to navigate their delicate situation. With Real Madrid probably having Mbappé soon, the gap between the two rivals could widen.

As for PSG, reports are already surfacing about what the summer plans are to help build a post-Mbappé squad beginning next season. 

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  1. You’ll agree with me that ‘a tree alone can’t make a forest’. Football needs the cooperation of other members of the team for it to progress & get the necessary success attainable. We still can recall the Belgian footballer “Hazard”, the expectation was far from what it turned out to be. However, we don’t expect anything similar to ever happen in his case. If the transfer is concluded as we all expect, I’ll rather feel sorry for teams like Barca, Athletico et’al. Cause a heavy rainstorm is surely coming from Santiago Bernabeu that would sweep part of the Laliga-Hala Madrid

  2. Their midfield and attacking trio will cause havoc to the opponents. The new Real Madrid looks very scary.

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