Why Real Madrid’s Bid for Kylian Mbappé Is Doomed, According to Journalist

In recent days, the Kylian Mbappé situation has been going in all directions. Like in 2022, the information is varied and sometimes contradictory. 

Some reports indicate that the Frenchman will stay at PSG next season, others at Real Madrid. So, who is to believe? 

Diario AS journalist Joaquin Maroto weighed in with his views on the possibility of Mbappé joining Real Madrid after his contract with PSG expires. Nonetheless, he does not hide his pessimism. Maroto cites two reasons Real Madrid’s pursuit of the 25-year-old will fail.

“Does this mean the chances of Mbappé playing for Real Madrid are nil? No. But it’s not easy either,” Maroto wrote. “And it’s not easy for two reasons, in order of importance: because Florentino has to want to sign him (which remains to be seen), and because Kylian has to accept earning half of what he earns in Paris.”

A recent report also uncovered that Carlo Ancelotti and his players chose not to delve into the subject, opting to concentrate on the ongoing season. According to an internal source, a handful of players discussing the Mbappé situation believe that PSG’s No. 7 will not make a move to Spain.

It will be intriguing to witness the unfolding of this entire saga and determine whether this year marks his departure from PSG.

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