Journalist Reveals: Real Madrid’s Limitations in Offering Kylian Mbappé Power

The Kylian Mbappé transfer situation is still ongoing, and without a decision yet, there are plenty of opinions on what will happen next. What will transpire? It all seems to be coming down to Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain.

RMC Sport journalist Thibaut Leplat is the latest to give his opinion on the saga. He believes that PSG can offer the 25-year-old something that Real Madrid can’t: power.

“It is possible that he himself may not yet know for sure, but I think he will stay,” Leplat told Diario AS (h/t Bernabéu Digital). “It’s not just a question of money but of power. His mother boasts about how important he is in certain club decisions. She has even said it in police interrogations. He would lose that strength at Real Madrid, apart from many millions.”

Other French journalists are also discussing this matter. According to L’Equipe journalist Antoine Simonneau, Mbappé might not get another chance to join Real Madrid, so his decision is critical.

Simonneau thinks it was a mistake for the winger to stay at PSG instead of going to Real Madrid in 2022. Even though he had the chance to move to Los Blancos, the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner chose to stay in Paris.

It will be interesting to see how off-the-pitch promises play a role in Mbappé’s decision-making process. 

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