Olympian Predicts Mbappé Exit Amidst Real Madrid and Liverpool Interest

The Kylian Mbappé transfer saga continues, with the 25-year-old now able to sign a pre-contract as his current deal expires in June. At the same time, many experts, including people from other sports, will provide their analysis and opinions.

Mbappé declares he is still considering his future amidst rumors of interest from Liverpool and Real Madrid in securing him as a free agent. The Spanish side has already extended an offer to secure the winger. Reports indicate that the La Liga club will set a deadline for their proposal.

David Douillet, an Olympic judo champion, was on RMC Sport and asked about the saga and what he believes will be the outcome. Douillet notes that the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner knows his decision but doesn’t want to reveal it so as to not destabilize the team.

“Of course, he has decided, but he is protecting his current team, which he is in today and will be until June,” Douillet said on RMC Sport (h/t Le10Sport). “If he announces his decision today, there is a risk of disrupting the team. The risk of destabilizing the team is significant.

Additionally, he notes that the outcome of the saga will be Mbappé leaving Paris Saint-Germain this summer.

“I am almost certain that he is going to leave, and that’s the reason he doesn’t say it today,” Douillet added. “If he were staying, he would have already said it. However, if he announces it now, there are risks. I believe he has decided to leave, but he doesn’t say it immediately because he is protecting his team.”

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