Kylian Mbappé Transfer Saga: Journalist Unearths Drastic Differences in PSG and Real Madrid Bids

The Kylian Mbappé transfer continues to drag on, and the latest information comes from RMC Sport’s Daniel Riolo. Over the last few days, there have been conflicting reports on the Frenchman’s decision.

Mbappé can sign a pre-contract with any club, as his current deal with Paris Saint-Germain expires in June. Nonetheless, Riolo reports that the 25-year-old faces a dilemma between a staggering extension offer from PSG and another more classic one from Real Madrid.

“In this story with Mbappé, one must have a clear understanding,” Riolo said. “On one side, there is an offer for him to extend, which is like ancient Rome, ancient Greece, and the pyramids of Egypt given to a player. Something unprecedented that will far exceed €100 million per season. 

“So, something on which no club will ever be able to compete. It will come with advantages for the brother, for the family, for everyone—the player agency that the mom wants to set up. Honestly, it’s an incredible thing.”

Meanwhile, the offer from Los Blancos will be a high amount, but compared to what PSG is willing to offer, it’s a modest proposal, says Riolo. 

“On the other hand, we have something that is, I would say, normal, to say that it’s normal when we talk about Real,” Riolo added. “It’s an average salary for a football star. Let’s talk about 30 million and maybe a bit more. And he’s not the king of the club. Basically, we bring him back down to Earth. Mbappé is in the middle and has to choose between these. The data is there. If it’s about money…

“He can just as well say that PSG also has a sporting aspect because we will continue to improve the team and continue the turn taken this summer, aiming to win with this PSG and not with Real, which has already won tons. […] But, it must be said, on paper, there is a gap that we have never seen.” […] What is proposed to Mbappé by PSG is astonishing.”

Whatever the end decision is from the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner, former Real Madrid striker Ronaldo recently spoke on the issue. The Brazilian legend notes that he’s tired of the saga and hopes it’s concluded. Regardless of which side any football fan is on, many share what Ronaldo states, as they’d like this saga to finally end.

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