Kylian Mbappé Set for Quick Decision on Future Amid PSG and Real Madrid Offers, Journalist Suggests

Kylian Mbappé’s future is shrouded in mystery, but clubs might be growing anxious as he decides to wait. Nonetheless, a Spanish journalist suggests a resolution to the transfer saga could be imminent.

Ramon Alvarez de Mon reports that, unlike the saga in 2022, clubs won’t need to wait until the early part of the summer. According to de Mon, this quick answer is because clubs like PSG and Real Madrid want clarity.

“Mbappé will not take long to make his decision,” de Mon said (h/t Le10Sport). “He will make his decision quickly, and the concerned clubs will know it quite soon. “They have asked him for clarity, and he thinks that this time, it would not be easy for him to take too much time to make a decision. All the cards are on the table, and they are extremely clear.

“At PSG, there is a sense that Mbappé is going to leave. The player’s statements where he talks about protecting both parties… even though they are not aware that a decision has been made. But there is less optimism at the club regarding the renewal than in September or October. They haven’t given up, but there is no ongoing pressure.”

Still, de Mon’s information presents a series of conflicting reports that have emerged while covering this saga. On Wednesday, RMC Sport reported that PSG is actively seeking a quick update on Mbappé’s future, as they have already presented an extension offer. 

However, Mbappé and his entourage resist pressure to decide and determine its timing. The French media outlet also emphasizes that he has not yet decided on his future.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup winner will either succumb to pressure or operate on his timeline, and it will be interesting to see.

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