‘What on Earth’ – Expert Fires Back at Cristiano Ronaldo Over Ligue 1 Remarks

Cristiano Ronaldo stirred controversy with his recent comments, drawing comparisons between the Saudi Pro League and Ligue 1. Despite his vocal support for the league, a few players who joined last summer already want to leave.

“Saudi League is not [worse] than Ligue 1,” Ronaldo said. “Saudi Pro League is more competitive than Ligue 1. I can say that after one year spent there. We are better than [the] French league already now.”

However, critics, including supporters and individuals reporting on French football, voiced their disagreement. Notably, Jonathan Johnson from CBS Sports was among those who expressed reservations regarding the comments about Ronaldo.

“What on earth qualifies Cristiano Ronaldo to comment on a league that he has never played in [and] probably never will play in?” Johnson wrote on Twitter.

While Ligue 1 may face unjust dismissal from those not closely following the league, often being derogatorily labeled a “farmer’s league,” it’s hard to acknowledge that the Saudi Pro League is a superior competition to France’s top flight, considering what we have seen from French clubs in recent years in Europe. In 2020, there were two Ligue 1 sides in the UEFA Champions League semifinals.

The talent export from French clubs to Europe’s top leagues significantly impacts competition. If Ligue 1 were to secure a television deal that provides sustained support for their players, it could enhance the league’s overall quality. Furthermore, such stability could enable French clubs to perform more competitively on the European stage.

This year, the league will be seeking a fresh television agreement. Securing a deal that enables them to retain players would enhance their competitiveness against Paris Saint-Germain and in European competitions.

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