Cristiano Ronaldo Is Wrong: Data Shows Ligue 1 Above Saudi Pro League

Cristiano Ronaldo sparked controversy with his remarks comparing the Saudi Pro League to Ligue 1. Additionally, the Al-Nassr star noted that the league he currently plays in is superior to France’s top flight.

“Saudi League is not [worse] than Ligue 1,” Ronaldo said. “Saudi Pro League is more competitive than Ligue 1. I can say that after one year spent there. We are better than [the] French league already now.”

After the former Real Madrid star made these comments, there was pushback. Even Jonathan Johnson from CBS Sports was among those who voiced their issue regarding the remarks on Ronaldo. Opta Analyst decided to use the numbers in their power rankings.

In the ranking from Opta Analyst, the first eight clubs are from Ligue 1, with Paris Saint-Germain at the top. It’s not until the No. 8 spot that a Saud club appears with Al-Hilal.

Furthermore, in Opta’s top 24 ranking, only five Saudi Pro League teams appear, which doesn’t coincide with Ronaldo’s statement.

Ligue 1 may encounter unfair criticism, with derogatory labels like “farmer’s league” from those not closely following the competition.

However, it’s challenging to accept the Saudi Pro League as a superior competition to France’s top flight, especially given the notable achievements of French clubs in recent European competitions, including two Ligue 1 sides reaching the UEFA Champions League semifinals in 2020.

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