Sarkozy’s Commentary on Mbappé’s Rumored Real Madrid Transfer

Kylian Mbappé has to decide his future in the coming months. The 24-year-old will become a free agent next June and can sign a pre-contract once the calendar turns to 2024.

Real Madrid wants to sign the Frenchman, although the La Liga side has reportedly set a deadline for the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner to accept their offer. The Mbappé camp will decide on their terms and will not permit anyone to dictate to them.

The ex-French president wants Kylian Mbappé to reject Real Madrid again

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy appeared on the Espejo Público program on Antena 3, and among many topics, he talked about Mbappé. The former president has responded to rumors about his influence on the player staying at PSG and not going to Real Madrid.

“I know Florentino Pérez well; I admire him, but Mbappé stayed in Paris,” Sarkozy told the Spanish media outlet (h/t Mundo Deportivo). “Why? That is not the important thing. The fact is that he stayed. I have no responsibility. I didn’t play that role. I was happy that he stayed.”

Nonetheless, Sarkozy assured that he does not know the future of Mbappé, who, once again, is linked to Real Madrid.

“I am not Kylian’s spokesperson,” the former president of France simply added. “I know him; I appreciate him.”

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  1. Mbappe is currently suffering a lot from his country,they always come on air to persuade him to stay in Paris theirs own selfish interested.Bro we Cameroonians your original family we can’t to see you in Madrid taken the balloon Dor away from Halaand .You are recent world best please make us proud by your decision to leave Paris,look Doku who is nothing near your feet making his name in Manchester City!don’t you want to make a name for yourself and for us.Well if you don’t we will turn to Mbuemo since we haven’t had another Etoo fils but we look into you Mbappe 🙏🙏🙏

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