Journalist Speculates Hesitation Kylian Mbappé Has to Join Real Madrid

Real Madrid could talk to Kylian Mbappé in a few days over a pre-contract. However, the Spanish talk is reportedly standing firm despite their interest, as they have a deadline for the Frenchman.

According to recent information, the 24-year-old has until Jan. 15 to accept Real Madrid’s offer and sign a pre-contract. Ahead of the soap opera resuming in 2024, Diario AS spoke with French journalist Frederic Hermel to get his take on the saga.

“[Mbappé] does not know whether to renew with the Qatari-run club or call Florentino Perez to announce that he wants to wear the white shirt,” Hermel told the Spanish media outlet (h/t Bernabeu Digital). “Doubt is good in life, but like all good things, if you abuse it, it becomes terrible. And Mbappé’s doubt reflects that, deep down, he doesn’t want to sign for Real Madrid that much. 

“If not, he would have already done so on one of the multiple occasions that came his way. Otherwise, he would no longer be evaluating the option of continuing the Parisian adventure. He would not be motivated by bullshit like becoming the top scorer in the history of the French league. French comfort seems to please him more than Spanish risk. It is respectable, but this permanent doubt begins to be an offense.”

Even though the La Liga side has a deadline and is being more blunt with their pursuit, it’s hard to see the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner signing any pre-contract while PSG remains in the UEFA Champions League. 

Had PSG dropped to the UEFA Europa League Mbappé, a decision in January would’ve been more realistic. Nonetheless, if PSG draws Real Madrid in the round of 16, this saga will drag out well past January and will be on steroids with the number of rumors, speculation, and takes. 

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