Mbappé’s Demand: The Two Key Factors He Requests from Real Madrid and PSG

Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé can begin signing a pre-contract once the calendar turns to 2024. The 24-year-old will become a free agent, and there’s no doubt he will have demands on whoever he signs with. 

While there are economic demands that the Frenchman has, there are also requests that he will put on the table for Real Madrid, PSG, or any club attempting to sign him. 

Defensa Central reports that the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner set forth two non-negotiable demands for Real Madrid as he contemplates a move to the Spanish giants. 

The first and perhaps the most unusual of the two requests relates to international duty. Mbappé seeks assurance that he can actively represent France in the 2024 Olympic Games held in Paris.

Unlike other football competitions, Olympic participation is contingent upon the agreement of the player’s club, as it does not fall within the recognized FIFA dates.

Why this demand? He probably doesn’t want to pass on the opportunity to win a gold medal in his hometown. The second request highlights Mbappé’s desire for a well-considered and unhurried decision-making process, which is a more conventional approach.

The player suggests that he wishes to delay the finalization of his move to Real Madrid until March or April. Mbappé is known for his deliberate approach to crucial career decisions. As a result, rushing into a January signing does not align with his preferred modus operandi.

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  1. Be careful I warned you last season on delay tactics he deploys, now this is to block you from thinking about January signings, you lack a quality striker, go for one in January if at all you don’t want your squad to collapse during mid season.

  2. Kylian mbappe is an immature double-minded player. I would still refuse to accept him at the bernabeu if I were Florentino perez

  3. Kylian is a very good player, and he I’ll fit in Madrid playing style. But his demanding is harding for real m to consider 🙏🙏 please reduce it. thanks

  4. Real Madrid made it clear that Mbappe will have to indicate if he is interested in playing for us. So January, March or April is irrelevant. Madrid will make appropriate move for a striker in 2024. For me Mbappe is out. Let him go wherever he wants.

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