The Enrique Effect: Predicting PSG’s Performance in Ligue 1 and Beyond

Since Luis Enrique joined French Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in July 2023, the successful Spanish professional football manager has had an uphill challenge.

PSG finished top of Ligue 1 after the 2022/23 campaign finished, securing UEFA Champions League football for the 2023/24 season, but soon after the season ended, they lost three big stars – Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Sergio Ramos. However, they still have talisman and leading goalscorer Kylian Mbappe. 

Let’s dive straight in to take a closer look at how Enrique is doing so far this season at PSG and see how likely it is they will win the domestic league or Champions League without these star players.  

Where are PSG in the league?

After just 8 games played, current reigning champions Paris Saint-Germain are third in the league behind second-place Nice and league leaders Monaco. As it stands at time of writing, France’s Ligue 1 appears as follows:

    1. Monaco: Played 8, Won 5, Drawn 2, Lost 1, Goals For 21, Goals Against 11, Goal Difference 10, Points 17
    2. Nice: Played 8, Won 4, Drawn 4, Lost 0, Goals For 9, Goals Against 4, Goal Difference 5, Points 16


  • PSG: Played 8, Won 4, Drawn 3, Lost 1, Goals For 17, Goals Against 7, Goal Difference 10, Points 15
  • Brest: Played 8, Won 3, Drawn 3, Lost 1, Goals For 9, Goals Against 7, Goal Difference 2, Points 15


You then have Reims in 5th, Marseille in 6th, LOSC in 7th, and Rennes in 8th. There are 18 teams in the league, and they all play each other twice throughout the season (home and away). 

Can PSG win the league with Enrique?

To get a much better understanding of PSG’s chances of winning Ligue 1 this year, the best thing to do would be to check out the latest Ligue 1 football betting odds at 10bet – one of the world’s most trusted online bookmakers with some of the iGaming industry’s most competitive odds. 

Despite sitting third in the league, the odds are still looking good for PSG to win the league. They are the current odds-on favorite team to win the league outright, above second odds-on favorites AS Monaco, and third odds-on favorites Marseille. 

Here is a quick look at the decimal, fractional, and American/moneyline odds (the three main odds formats). We have also included the IPR (implied probability rate). 

If you were to place a wager on PSG to win the 2023/24 Ligue 1 title right now, you would be looking at the following average odds:

  • PSG – fractional odds are 1/5, decimal odds are 1.20, and American/moneyline odds are -500. These odds are equal to a whopping 83.30% IPR
  • AS Monaco – fractional odds are 10/1, decimal odds are 11.00, and American/moneyline odds are +1,000. These odds are equal to a 9.10% IPR
  • Marseille – fractional odds are 14/1, decimal odds are 15.00, and American/moneyline odds are +1,400. These odds are equal to a 6.70% IPR

In other words, PSG to win the league is a fairly safe bet, but don’t forget that anything can happen in football. The odds are subject to change at any time, and no bets are guaranteed. In recent years, PSG has won the league several times (2022/23, 2021/22, 2019/20, 2018/19, and 2017/18).

What about the UEFA Champions League?

It’s not looking as good for them in the Champions League. They are currently in second place in Group F after 2 games played behind league leaders, English Premier League side Newcastle United. 

They are only the bookies’ sixth odds-on favorite to win this tournament behind Barcelona, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and current reigning champions, Manchester City

If you were to place a wager on PSG to win the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League right now, you would be looking at average odds of around 16/1 (17.00 or +1,600) with only a 5.90% IPR. In comparison, the current favorites, Manchester City, are priced, on average, at around 2/1 (3.00, or +200) with a 33.30% IPR. 

Final note

It’s still too early to tell whether the Enrique effect of winning will rub off on PSG. However, based on these odds, it’s looking much better for them in the domestic league, and they will likely progress past the group stage but then crash out of the Champions League in the round of 16. 

On October 21st, PSG are at home to Strasbourg in the league, and then on October 25th, they are at home again to AC Milan, this time in their third group stage match of the Champions League, before returning for league action on October 29th when they travel away to play Brest.

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