Why Real Madrid Shouldn’t Pursue Kylian Mbappé, According to French Pundit

Real Madrid has their eyes on Kylian Mbappé, with the 24-year-old becoming a free agent at the end of this 2023-24 season. The Spanish club have pursued the Frenchman but have never secured the winger.

RMC Sport’s Danielo Riolo begins by acknowledging the widespread belief that Mbappé should ultimately find his way to Real Madrid. However, he makes a surprising statement: He wouldn’t sign the French sensation if he were in charge at Real Madrid.

According to Riolo, Real Madrid already possesses a rising star like Vinicius Junior. Vinicius, who plays in a position preferred by Mbappé, has proven himself a top-tier talent and an integral part of the club’s future.

Therefore, having both players on the same team could create redundancy in their roles.

“It seems written, Mbappé must end up at Real Madrid,” Riolo said recently on After Foot (h/t Le10Sport).

“But if I’m manager of Real, I won’t take it. Because I have Vinicius, a great player who plays in Mbappé’s preferential position, he is not a No. 9, and there is Haaland, who has a release clause, which is not crazy.”

Riolo’s perspective highlights the challenges and dilemmas that Real Madrid may face when considering the acquisition of Mbappé.

While the allure of Mbappé’s exceptional talent is undeniable, the existing talent within the team, exemplified by Vinicius, makes the decision more complex.

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