Al-Hilal’s Dilemma: What’s Next After Ex-PSG Star Neymar’s Latest Injury?

Former Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar Jr. suffered a severe knee injury during a recent FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Brazil and Uruguay. Additionally, the 31-year-old is expected to sideline Neymar until May 2024.

This unfortunate setback implies that Neymar will play only five matches for Al Hilal. Furthermore, the 2015 UEFA Champions League winner scored just one goal in the Asian Champions League contest.

As a result, La Gazzetta dello Sport (h/t Le10Sport) reports growing concern and contemplation within the Saudi club about how to proceed with Neymar after the latest injury. 

Given the financial investment and the anticipation surrounding Neymar’s arrival, it is understandable that Al Hilal was eager to see returns on their investment with the Brazilian star. 

However, the seriousness of Neymar’s injury has thrown a curveball into their plans, leaving them with limited options. One possible scenario that has emerged in discussions is the potential for a contract breach. 

This alternative would not only relieve the financial burden but also allow the club to seek a new star player in the upcoming winter transfer window. As Neymar faces a lengthy recovery period, speculation and uncertainty loom over his future with Al Hilal.

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