TalkSPORT Pundit Rips Chelsea for Not Signing Kylian Mbappé After Latest Loss

Since Todd Boehly took over as Chelsea owner, the Premier League club has splashed the cash on several players. However, the spending hasn’t resulted in wins for the Blues. 

Gabby Agbonlahor tore into the London-based club after Chelsea’s 1-0 loss to Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge. Agbonlahor notes that they have no superstars on attack for all the spending done by the English club. 

Chelsea has spent much money on young players, hoping they hit their potential at Stamford Bridge. Nonetheless, that’s not happening right now, and the talkSPORT pundit wonders why didn’t Chelsea spend that money on Kylian Mbappé or a player at the Frenchman’s level. 

“What I don’t understand with Chelsea today [they had] 21 shots [against Nottingham Forest]; guess how many [were] on target? Two,” Agbonlahor said on talkSPORT.”So they’re getting into the positions but just haven’t got the quality. And it seems to be a theme now where you look on social media, and it’s Chelsea [signing] players but [still losing] games. 

“We were talking about, weren’t we? Why didn’t Chelsea spend a quarter of that money and go out and buy a star? Go and give PSG an offer, like [for] Mbappé [provide them with an offer they] can’t refuse. Harry Kane. There you go, [Tottenham Hotspur chairman] Daniel Levy, whatever you want. £150 [million], here you come, Harry Kane, you got two superstars.

“They brought loads of players that [are] average. [Mykhailo Mudryk], come on. He gave away two goals. Honestly, he was absolutely useless. He’s had 19 games, zero goals.”

If Chelsea wanted a player like Mbappé, he was available for part of the summer, considering he was training with the undesirable players and missed the summer tour in Asia. Nonetheless, that ship sailed when the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner returned to the first team after Neymar’s exit. 

The Blues currently find themselves 11th in the table. So it could get worse if their high-priced players don’t perform to the level many expect. 

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