PSG’s Luis Enrique Reacts to Comments Involving Neymar, Messi

Former Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar Jr. spoke recently about his and Lionel Messi’s last two seasons with the capital club. The Brazilian stated that the pair went through “hell” together, which likely is a dig at the supporters for their protesting and whistling. 

Additionally, the 31-year-old notes that Messi’s exit from PSG isn’t a way that the Argentine should’ve left. So Neymar had a lot to say regarding his old team. Of course, media outlets will want a response. 

The first person to react was manager Luis Enrique, who had Neymar for the preseason and knows him from their time at FC Barcelona. Nonetheless, the 53-year-old stated his tenure with PSG has been vastly different.

“These are personal experiences,” Enrique told reporters. “I don’t want to get into that. I can tell you about my experience: I’m absolutely delighted. I feel like I’m in charge of a rather unique team with a club that trusts me 100 percent.”

Furthermore, PSG commented on the remarks made by their former superstar. 

“We don’t make any comments,” someone within the club told L’Equipe. “We have a certain elegance. Curiously, both players wanted to stay at PSG.” 

Neymar isn’t alone in taking a swipe at the Ligue 1 giants, considering Messi hasn’t missed an opportunity to state how miserable he was while playing in the French capital. 

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  1. “We have a certain elegance”… yeah, right.
    There has been endless shameless comments and uncouth behaviour from the PSG president so no one believes that statement. Storming down to the referees offices (after the Real Madrid 1-3 loss) and throwing a physical temper tantrum by knocking over chairs was the highlight of Qatari behaviour. His UEFA buddy connections saved him from a fine/suspension. The reality is that Messi was treated crudely by the PSG ultras. They are a speck of nothing and he is… well, Messi.

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