Neymar Shades PSG, Ligue 1 with Bold Saudi Arabia Take

After exiting the capital club this summer, Neymar Jr. joins Lionel Messi in throwing shade toward Paris Saint-Germain. However, the 31-year-old isn’t only roasting his former club but the entire French league. 

While speaking with reporters at a press conference with the Brazil national team, the 2015 UEFA Champions League winner was asked about his decision to join Al-Hilal. As a result, Neymar took this as an opportunity to prop up Saudi Arabia while slamming Ligue 1. 

“Football is the same there,” Neymar said (h/t RMC Sport). “The ball is round, like everywhere. Given the big names that make up this league, it’s possible that this championship is better than Ligue 1. The training sessions are intense.

“I’m thirsty for titles. I want to win with Al-Hilal. For me, it doesn’t change anything, and it doesn’t matter what people say. They said that the L1 was weak, but that’s where I suffered the most. It’s going to be an interesting championship and I’m sure you’ll be watching. (…) I’m not going to feel any difficulty adapting. I don’t speak Arabic, but after five, six years in France, my French sucked. It won’t be different.”

Ligue 1 isn’t what the Premier League or La Liga, that’s clear. Outside of PSG, French football is a feeder league to the top clubs across Europe. If clubs in France had better television money to allow them to hold onto top players, perhaps the situation would be different. 

Considering the big names that have arrived, Neymar will prop up his new league as they hope to attract eyes away from Europe. Nonetheless, Saudi Arabia is bringing players looking for the big payday. Outside of Gabriel Veiga, there hasn’t been a significant shock to the system. 

Money is essential in football and allows Saudi Arabia to bring these top players while in or at the back end of their prime years. 

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