Is Messi Still Affecting PSG? French Giants Value Continues to Skyrocket, per Forbes

Paris Saint-Germain has seen much financial growth since the Qatar Sports Investment takeover in 2011. The economics and brand of PSG have skyrocketed in the last decade.

Nonetheless, the latest information from Forbes reveals where the Ligue 1 giants stand regarding the most valuable teams in the world. According to the outlet, the capital club is now the 36th most valuable team in the world at $ 4.21 billion.

Additionally, PSG has climbed 12 places from 2022, and it is the fastest-growing sports franchise. So, what can this be attributed to? Well, the French giants did have Lionel Messi for two seasons.

There’s no denying that there was a somewhat Messi effect with an influx of sponsors. Still, the Argentine probably opened the gate, but the Parisians will likely find a way to continue growing even with the 202 FIFA World Cup winner’s exit.

With the club based in Paris, one of the more recognizable cities in the world, this growth should continue. If PSG can also sustain international success, the sky is the limit despite the team not being in one of the top European leagues.

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