The Return of Neymar: Superstar Faces Pivotal Season at PSG

It’s been six years since the historic transfer of Neymar Jr. from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, and supporters are desperate for him to complete an entire season without major injury and, hopefully, deliver a UEFA Champions League trophy.

Neymar’s tenure in the French capital has been largely disappointing due to multiple injuries. Earlier this year, Neymar went down with a severe ankle injury and opted for season-ending surgery to repair the ligaments and add stability. During his recovery, Neymar has enjoyed playing online poker, which begs the question, why do football fans enjoy sports-themed slot games such as It’s most likely because it gives players a similar thrill to watching football and the chance to win big.

With the 2023-24 season kicking off in a matter of days, Neymar is back on the pitch and back to his usual tricks. He’s scored in the preseason, and the ankle is holding up well. The real test will begin when Ligue 1 play begins. The league is notoriously physical, and officials don’t always protect Neymar on the pitch.

For once, though, drama isn’t swirling around Neymar. Kylian Mbappé is the one attracting all the headlines with his contract saga and supposed move to Real Madrid. If the Frenchman does, in fact, leave PSG, Neymar could be seen as somewhat of a savior. He would be the remaining of the three superstars, with Lionel Messi already lighting up Major League Soccer with Inter Miami.

Everything is setup for Neymar to lead PSG this season and live up to the €222 million transfer fee PSG paid to bring him from Barcelona. The club has also invested in a substantial rebuild this season, signing players like Manuel Ugarte, Lucas Hernández, Kang-In Lee, and Marco Asensio. More players are expected to arrive before the transfer window closes and they’ll all be looking to Neymar for leadership and his world-class creative ability.

The last time Neymar was able to complete an entire season and escape without significant injury—during the 2019-20 season—PSG reached the Champions League final against FC Bayern Munich. Mbappé was the one with the injury at that time. Les Parisiens lost that final 1-0, but it shows that Neymar is fully capable of leading this team to Champions League glory when healthy.

Hopefully, the “bionic ankle” will hold up for an entire season, and the new signings will hit the ground running. If so, this could be a special season for Paris Saint-Germain.

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