SPORT Journalist Gives Bold Prediction Over Kylian Mbappé-Real Madrid Saga

The Kylian Mbappé transfer saga doesn’t seem to end before the summer transfer window closes on Sept. 1. Although the 24-year-old will become a free agent next summer, Paris Saint-Germain will continue working at a contract extension. 

Meanwhile, Real Madrid will not be making any moves in these last days as manager Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that Real Madrid’s transfer window is over. Anyone expecting a last-minute bid might be disappointed. 

Furthermore, SPORT’s Rubén Uría believes the discussion of this saga won’t end in the coming days. 

He adds that this telenovela drama will go into January, so it doesn’t seem Uría feels an extension between PSG and Mbappé will be reached in the coming months. 

“I think in January we will 100 percent continue talking about Mbappé,” Uría said. 

MARCA’s Ramón Álvarez recently reported that Mbappé has rejected a new contract extension offer from PSG in the last few hours.

If the information is correct, it’s good news for Real Madrid. The La Liga side presumably wants the Frenchman to arrive as a free agent. Anyone who wanted this saga to end better strap on because this rollercoaster ride isn’t over yet. 

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