Revealed: PSG’s Staggering Transfer Payment to Mallorca for Kang-in Lee’s Summer Move

RCD Mallorca and Paris Saint-Germain have found common ground on the transfer midfielder Kang-in Lee. Mundo Deportivo reports that the deal will see PSG pay a substantial sum of €22 million to Mallorca.

Completing this high-profile transfer signifies PSG’s continued ambition to strengthen their squad with promising talents. Furthermore, the addition of Lee will add more depth to the midfield.

The agreement between Mallorca and PSG ends weeks of negotiations, as both clubs worked towards mutually beneficial terms.

Mallorca, recognizing the value of their rising star, secured a significant transfer fee for the talented midfielder. The €22 million transfer sum is a testament to Lee’s immense potential and the demand for his services in the football market.

As Lee officially joins PSG, the player will likely be eager to positively impact the club’s pursuit of domestic and international success. His technical abilities and creative flair make him an exciting addition to PSG’s star-studded squad, and fans will anticipate his contributions on the pitch.

The 22-year-old played in 39 fixtures for the Spanish club scoring six goals and registering seven assists.

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