Real Madrid Beware? Journalist Points to Mbappé Using Saudi Interest as Potential Leverage

When Kylian Mbappé opted not to trigger his option to extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025, all eyes turned to Real Madrid. The Spanish club has long desired the Frenchman in their iconic white kit.

Los Blancos are playing the waiting game as they would sign the player as a free agent rather than pay a transfer fee. However, with Al-Hilal reportedly making a significant offer and other clubs eyeing the player, Real Madrid may be forced to act now. 

CBS Sports’ Ben Jacobs also notes that Mbappé could use Al-Hilal’s offer as leverage against the La Liga side. Jacobs speculates that the Frenchman could alter any pre-existing agreement, if any, to one that favors Mbappé. 

“So I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Real Madrid being baited into either moving now or in January to pay something for Mbappé because of all of this other interest,” Jacobs said in the latest episode of “The Debrief.” 

“And this is where the trust is key between Mbappé and Real Madrid because right now, PSG believes there’s an agreement between Real and Mbappé for next summer. 

“However, Mbappé may use the leverage of the Saudi bid to get more out of Real Madrid or to change the terms in some way. And this is what PSG are going to be able to play on because if you’re Mbappé, you’re nuts just to turn down Saudi Arabia at this level of money.”

PSG wants to move on from Mbappé, so they left him off their summer tour to Asia. The capital club put up a “for sale” sign, and now they’re hoping that Real Madrid or any other club can take the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner. 

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