Real Madrid Denies Agreement with Mbappé, Countering PSG’s Claims – Report

Real Madrid has emphatically denied any such arrangement in response to reports suggesting an alleged agreement between Kylian Mbappé and the Spanish club. 

MARCA reports that along with denying any arrangement, Mbappé’s arrival this summer would create tension in the Los Blancos’ dressing room. The transfer fee and salary would see Real Madrid spend more than €400 million. 

The developments surrounding Mbappé’s future have reached a critical juncture, with conflicting reports and denials creating further uncertainty. 

Despite Real Madrid’s denial, it is worth noting that the transfer window remains open, providing ample time for negotiations and potential developments. 

The coming weeks will be crucial in determining the outcome of this high-profile transfer saga. MARCA adds that the transfer of Mbappé to Real Madrid is unlikely to happen in reality. 

Real Madrid does not have the means to assume the cost of a transfer between €100 million and 200 million, which Paris could be entitled to demand, and a staggering salary, that of Mbappé. 

RMC Sport adds Real Madrid leaders want to remain very cautious and patient. They are attentive to the tense situation in Paris but do not want to rush anything. 

For the moment, the leaders of the Spanish club do not want to move and are waiting to see how things will develop in the coming weeks.

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