PSG and Real Madrid Engage in a High-Stakes Poker Game over Mbappé Transfer

The ongoing saga surrounding Kylian Mbappé’s future continues, and so does the constant information. The latest regards a possible game of chicken that Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid might be playing.

Foot Mercato’s Santi Aouna revealed behind-the-scenes details going on at both clubs. The two football giants find themselves in a deadlock, each waiting for the other to make the first move.

Despite the tension, it is evident that Doha, PSG’s owners, has been keen on selling Mbappé since the Frenchman’s letter opting not to trigger the extension to remain until 2025.

The Qatari owners are now determined to see him sold as soon as possible. Both PSG and Real Madrid know the urgency surrounding Mbappé’s situation.

However, they are unwilling to reveal their hands prematurely. It has become a strategic standoff, with neither club willing to initiate negotiations without a clear advantage.

As the stalemate continues, both clubs know the clock is ticking. The transfer window is finite, and they must find a resolution that satisfies all parties involved. While PSG wants to maximize its financial return, Real Madrid hopes to acquire Mbappé without overpaying for his services.

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