Ex-PSG Club Chief Leonardo Asserts Club’s Existence Beyond Mbappé Amid Real Madrid Interest

Former Paris Saint-Germain sporting director Leonardo recently spoke with L’Equipe, emphasizing that the club existed before Kylian Mbappé.

The remarks come as the 24-year-old has an uncertain future in the French capital amid Real Madrid’s interest. Leonardo reminded supporters that PSG has a rich history and legacy beyond any individual player.

Additionally, the Brazilian pointed out that none of the last five Champions League-winning clubs had Mbappé in their ranks. He suggests that winning the prestigious tournament is possible without the 24-year-old.

“PSG existed before Mbappé and it’ll exist after him,” Leonardo told the French media outlet. “He has been in Paris for six years and in those six seasons, five different clubs have won the Champions League. None had Mbappé in their ranks. This means that it is entirely possible to win this competition without him.”

The reminder reinforces the idea that winning the Champions League is not solely reliant on one player, no matter how talented they may be. It speaks to the collective effort, strategic planning, and teamwork required to triumph in Europe’s premier club competition.

As the transfer saga unfolds, fans and pundits eagerly await Mbappé’s decision. Regardless of the outcome, Leonardo’s statements reaffirm PSG’s determination to build a solid and competitive team capable of achieving greatness, with or without Mbappé.

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