PSG’s Neymar Reveals Injury Frustration, Understanding of Criticism

Neymar Jr. suffered a season-ending ankle injury in February, which kept him out of another UEFA Champions League knockout stage matchup. 

The 31-year-old recently spoke with BandSports, where he shared his thoughts, emotions, and the challenges he faced during his road to recovery. 

Neymar expressed frustration and disappointment, as he understood its impact on his team’s performance, considering the Brazilian missed the matchup against Bayern Munich. 

“It’s horrible to be deprived of matches, to be injured. I like to play too much, to be on the ground,” Neymar said (h/t Canal Supporters). “When this is not the case during a meeting, it is already difficult. So imagine when it lasts 4-5 months! It’s awful. I miss it. I was born for this, to play football.”

Additionally, the PSG star is no stranger to criticism throughout his career. As one of the world’s most talented and high-profile players, his every move on and off the field is scrutinized and dissected. Neymar said he doesn’t shy away from criticism, particularly regarding his lifestyle. 

“I have never shied away from my responsibilities,” Neymar said. “It is rather the reverse. I’m still thumping my chest, saying, ‘Go ahead, you can charge me’. I know my talent. I know what I am capable of. Football is not an individual sport. If it was individual, I would have already achieved all my goals, but this is not the case. As for the off-pitch criticism, sometimes I disagree because it’s about my personal life and I do what I want.”

It will be interesting to see what Neymar decides to do with his future as Luis Enrique appears to be the manager that takes over at PSG. He did experience his best football under the Spanish manager at FC Barcelona, so he will likely stay to see if Enrique can rekindle that magic. 

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