PSG Stars Send Heartfelt Goodbye Messages to Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos (Photo)

Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos played their final game for Paris Saint-Germain in the 3-2 loss on Saturday at the Parc des Princes.

Now that their two seasons in the French capital are over, various goodbyes are happening, especially on Instagram. From Marco Verratti to Nuno Mendes, there were heartfelt messages to their now former teammates who will go on different paths.

Messi is linked to a possible move to Al-Hilal; meanwhile, Ramos is connected to a move to Saudi Arabia. These next few weeks will tell where they decide to continue their football careers.

Nonetheless, here are the various goodbyes from PSG players to Messi and Ramos:

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  1. Worst signing of all time. Pessi is the most overrated player on the planet. I’m glad he’s leaving. Time to build a new project with some young and hungry players who want to play for the badge of PSG, not the money.

    1. Fool and idiot are you. Nobody say anything about the stupid goal keeper that is gifting free goal to the opponent at the crucial champions league stage last season.

      Other players who are outrightly bellow average nko?

    2. What badge are you talking about? A mediocre club like PSG can never have players passionate to play for them. With lunatics like you that call yourselves fans, I now know why Manchester City are soaring higher and your Godforsaken PSG is retrogressing.

    3. Psg are crap mate, sat in a shit league all that money an still can’t win a champions league haha I think your just cursed lol u had some of the best players on the planet and still couldn’t do it lol

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