PSG and Beyond: What’s Next for Lionel Messi?

Only a month remains for the contract, which retains title-champion legend Lionel Messi to the Parisian club. Following the Ligue 1 win, more discussions than ever are circulating around what’s next for the Argentinian.

This June marks the end of the two-year contract for Paris Saint-Germain and Messi. The South American star first came to the French capital in the summer of 2021 after leaving a ten-year career at FC Barcelona. Earlier this spring, the club announced that they would not extend or renew the contract, leaving the world open to battle for one of the best players in football history.

Fans gamble on Messi’s future

As the time draws nearer for the football icon’s farewell to PSG, the interest in taking a gamble on where he will sign next grows. Fans are now turning to casinos to figure out the odds and bets of which of the many potential clubs he will aim for next. Currently speaking, Messi’s most likely next stops include FC Barcelona, Saudi Arabian Al Hilal, or American Inter Miami.

Gambling on transfers and contracts in the football sector requires a lot of strategies, knowledge of the sport, and the history of both players and clubs. That’s why many turn to online resources such as to figure out the best way to prepare for a bet like Messi’s future.

Returning home or to the heat?

As mentioned earlier, there are three main contenders for the Argentinian next season. Each provides challenges and opportunities for both Messi and the world of football.

FC Barcelona

The Catalan club has been known as the home and heart of Lionel Messi and is a club he began playing for as a youth as early as 2001. This is where he came to wear the legendary no. 10 jersey in 2008, and it was in 2010 that he earned his first Ballon D’or wearing the blue and red. It is, therefore, to be expected that many anticipate his return, especially as Barcelona’s staff have confirmed contact with the player.

However, their remaining financial issues might cause potential re-signing problems. This was also part of why he left the club in 2021. While the club has been honest about not being able to afford what clubs like Al Hilal are offering, the familiarity and quality of the team might be enough for Messi to return.

Al Hilal

Messi has been tied to Saudi Arabia several times this spring, and not only regarding his two-week suspension for his forbidden visit. He has also been linked to signing rumors with the club Al Hilal for the next season, which would strengthen his lucrative relationship as the tourism ambassador for the Middle Eastern country.

While early rumors spoke of the Al Hilal contract as a done deal, it was quickly critiqued by Messi’s father and lawyer. Since then, it has been further rumored that the club increased the contract to an annual salary of over $500 million. The move would follow another football legend, Christiano Ronaldo, who left Manchester United earlier this year to join Saudi team Al Nassr FC.

Inter Miami

The last of the big three clubs aiming for Lionel Messi is the pink-shirted American Inter Miami. A move here would be another top meeting for Messi, as British football star David Beckham partly owns the club. Beckham shares Messi’s Middle Eastern connections, as he was the ambassador for last year’s World Cup in Qatar, and the two have a long history both on and off the field.

 The team has been looking for top-rated players such as Messi, Dani Alves, and Robert Lewandowski and is still searching for a top performance. The team hopes the sizeable Spanish-speaking population would sympathize even more with a player like Messi on the team, bolstering sales.

Messi’s accomplishments at PSG

While most are looking at what’s ahead for the Argentina international, these last few weeks are also a great time to celebrate the accomplishments that Messi has contributed to and experienced while on the French pitch.

In Paris, the football giant has reached several career milestones. In the spring of 2023, he scored his 700th senior career club goal, 300th career assist, and 1,000th career direct goal contribution at a club level. He also beat Christiano Ronaldo’s goal for the all-time highest goalscorer in European club football. Earlier this month, he also scored the deciding goal against Strasbourg, resulting in PSG securing the Ligue 1 title for the year.

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