NBA Star Jimmy Butler Excited for Lionel Messi’s Arrival at Inter Miami (Video)

Lionel Messi announced this week that he intends to sign with Inter Miami once his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires on June 30. The buzz that the 35-year-old has generated in the United States has reached the 2023 NBA Finals.

Before Game 4 tipped-off between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler spoke with reporters about his reaction to the news that Messi will come to South Florida in July. 

“I wouldn’t say that I know him enough, but I have met him before,” Butler told reporters (h/t Clutch Points). “Will I reach out? Probably not. I know he has probably got a ton of stuff going on anyway. Obviously, he is one of the greatest players to play that beautiful game. 

I’m so excited for the city of Miami to be able to have a player of that caliber here. I’m excited for the city of Miami in so many different ways. Now that he is here, I think all the football/soccer fans from all over the world are going to come here and get an opportunity to watch him compete. I’m glad he is here.”

There’s no doubt that Messi will be attending several Heat games during his Inter Miami tenure; meanwhile, Butler could also be finding his way to watch Messi this 2023 MLS season. 

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