L’Equipe Reveals Neymar Jr.’s Mindset Coming Off Ankle Injury

Paris Saint-Germain will enter a new era, with Luis Enrique likely leading the charge. As a result, Neymar Jr. is also ready to turn the past on last season and begin a fresh start this 2023-24 campaign. 

L’Equipe reported on Thursday that the 31-year-old told his entourage that he was motivated and reassured by his ankle condition. Injuries have plagued Neymar since arriving at PSG in 2017. 

However, with the potential of the Spanish manager, the Brazilian may believe that playing under someone with whom he played his best football is a cause for why Neymar has a positive mindset heading into a new season. 

As Neymar continues his rehabilitation program and gradually reintegrates into training sessions, his journey to full recovery remains a meticulous and delicate process.

Nonetheless, if there’s a manager that can bring Enrique, maybe expect the Neymar that many saw under the 53-year-old during his time at FC Barcelona. 

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