Kylian Mbappé Issues Heartwarming Birthday Messi to Lionel Messi

Although they won’t be teammates after June 30, Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé sent a heartfelt happy birthday message to Lionel Messi, who turned 36 on Saturday.

Mbappé’s Instagram post showcased the bond and respect he shares with Messi, an iconic figure in the football world. The message, accompanied by a photo of the two players sharing a moment on the field, conveyed Mbappé’s admiration for Messi and their memorable time together.

“Happy birthday legend, Leo Messi,” Mbappé wrote on Instagram. “I wish you the best possible day with your family and friends. Thank you for these 2 years together in Paris, I learned a lot from you as a player, a partner, an opponent and a man. For that alone I am grateful. Good luck on your new adventure.”

This heartfelt message came amidst the news that Messi would be leaving PSG and joining Inter Miami once his contract with the French giants expires Friday.

Messi’s decision to join MLS marks a significant transition in his illustrious career. The move to a different league and continent opens up new opportunities and challenges for the Argentine maestro, who has dominated European football for over a decade.

The departure of Messi creates a void in the PSG squad, and Mbappé could be joining him this summer in exiting the French giants. If both players are gone, the Ligue 1 side will need to act to ensure they have replacements for both players.

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