Why Messi Apology to PSG Doesn’t ‘Change Anything,’ Pundit Says

Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi released an apology video on Friday, confirming that the capital club had suspended the Argentine for two weeks after his unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia. 

While Messi wants to make amends for his behavior this week that led to the suspension on Tuesday, RMC Sport pundit Jérôme Rothen applauds the Argentine for knowing he made a mistake. 

“He made a mistake; he recognizes it,” Rothen said on RMC Sport. “So already that means that PSG was right to sanction him because it’s professional misconduct.

“I am not a manager of the club but my opinion is simple. I throw the ball back to Leo Messi: He has been there for two years, is his investment on the pitch sufficient and excusable? The answer is no. For me, PSG does not “Do not need Messi to be champion of France. Knowing that he will not be extended and that he will leave, that the adventure ends like this.”

However, Rothen continued by saying the apology doesn’t excuse his conduct on the pitch for the last two seasons. The former PSG player cited how the 2022 FIFA World Cup player hasn’t attempted to connect with the capital club and embrace the city or supporters. 

“It’s sad, but the apologies do not change anything,” Rothen continued. “Has he apologized many times for his behavior on the field? For his investment on and off? For not speaking French or not to do an interview with a French media? Not to greet the supporters?

“Whether he makes his apology video, so much the better. But I have a little bitter taste: he says he apologizes to his teammates or the managers, not to the fans or about the picture he sent. I don’t understand why he said he couldn’t postpone this trip. He finds an excuse …. he apologizes but finds an excuse. Your job is what? To show off and take a big check? Or to play football and represent PSG as well as possible?”

Messi’s contract with PSG expires in June and he will become a free agent. All signs point to the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner exiting the Ligue 1 side this summer and as both parties go their separate ways. 

The veteran goal scorer will have options as FC Barcelona hopes to reunite with the player, despite their financial problems. Meanwhile, Al-Hilal and Inter Miami are clubs eyeing Messi outside of Europe. 

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  1. Oh that rotten guy again! Why do you think Messi did it to ‘change the situation’ aka his future with this sh!!tty club? He apologized only because he believes he wronged the team and to some extent his responsibilities to the club as a contracted player. Keep rotting, and PSG talk, you absurd guys keep referring to this single guy as the whole French media. Messi and we the fans of him don’t care. Going home soon 💙❤️

  2. Unfortunately Rothen is so right and so on point. Messi never greeted the supporters and undoubtedly never lived up to the expectation in PSG. He’s leaving and it’s a heartbreak already.

  3. Rothen has a problem I guess, why do you have to hate Messi like this, psg project has fail because of people like you, what have you achieved during your miserable career uh, you were unknown even to Paris dwellers you cunt. He will leave and the after math shall come, French dislike Messi when he took the World Cup at your expense init, psg will crumble for sure

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