Suspension Lifted? Messi Partakes in Training Session, No Confirmation on Matchday Return

Lionel Messi was initially suspended for two weeks last Tuesday by Paris Saint-Germain after the 35-year-old left for an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia. 

The suspension had the Argentine miss PSG’s 3-1 win over Troye on Sunday at the Stade de l’Aube. Nonetheless, Messi did return to training on Monday with other players on what was reportedly an off day.

While the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner is now back at the training facilities, the question remains is the suspension still in place? Messi is scheduled to miss the contest against AC Ajaccio on Saturday at the Parc des Princes.

RMC Sport reported on Monday that no one at PSG “dares to speak out” regarding whether the suspension remains intact, which would cause the veteran goal scorer to miss the Ajaccio match, or if it’s been lifted after issuing an apology on Friday. 

Suppose the suspension is indeed lifted by Messi returning to training sessions this week. In that case, the confirmation should come later in the week when manager Christophe Galtier reveals the group for the home match. 

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  1. Good! Now you’re trying to be a good reporter to wait for official confirmation. Could you please do the same when you’re reporting article about those transfer rumours, or you’re just using HIM for click bait? I know you can’t wait for HIM to leave France, but seriously people like you are the ones who create chaos! Let the team grab the Ligue1 title in peace, pleaseee!!

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