No Reunion? Barcelona, Messi Saga Takes Shocking Turn as Free Agency Looms – Report

Those who hoped to see FC Barcelona reuniting with Lionel Messi might have to begin facing the reality that it will not be happening.

TNT Sports Brasil Marcelo Bechler, who’s based in Barcelona, reported on Tuesday that Barcelona cannot afford to promise anything, considering they’re still waiting for La Liga to approve their financial plan.

Bechler continues by stating that barring a completely off-script twist, it’s the end of the line and Messi will not return to Camp Nou this summer. Furthermore, the Argentine intends to start communicating with interested parties that where he’ll be playing for the 2023-24 season.

Messi opting not to wait falls with the reporting done on Monday by Mundi Deportivo.

The Spanish media outlet noted that the veteran does not want to and cannot wait any longer and today, he has no guarantee that La Liga will green-light Barcelona’s financial package.

As a result, the Catalan side isn’t an option for the Paris Saint-Germain star, whose contract expires on June 30 and likely wants to resolve his future as soon as possible to avoid what happened to him in 2021. 

Messi waited as long as he could for Barcelona to extend his contract and have it registered with La Liga, but it never came to fruition, leading the veteran to leave in tears during a press conference. 

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