Neymar ‘Likes’ Instagram Post Calling PSG a Small Club

Neymar appeared to “like” a post on Instagram that labeled Paris Saint-Germain as a small club.

An Instagram user by the name of “ofuiclear” posted a video on the social media platform in which he took some time to react to a video of a group of PSG ultras protesting outside Neymar’s home on Wednesday. The group of PSG ultras called for Neymar to leave the club.

The Instagram post itself has a caption that reads: “The difference between being great and having greatness! PSG has lacked and is lacking, its fans have lacked and are lacking!

“Having history is not optional, position yourself as great and have the attitude of greatness is within reach! They were SMALL!”

Neymar appeared to like this Instagram Reel.

Neymar later posted a photo on his Instagram Story that includes a message on it which reads: “Don’t allow for people to put you in their storm, but put them in your peace.”

Neymar has received much outside criticism from plenty of PSG supporters over the years. He was booed a few times at the Parc des Princes just last year, including during PSG’s Ligue 1 home fixture against Bordeaux, which was the team’s first match following its UEFA Champions League round of 16 elimination against Real Madrid.

Neymar is currently out of action due to a season-ending ankle injury that he suffered during PSG’s Ligue 1 home fixture against Lille OSC in February.

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