Kylian Mbappe, Neymar Jr. Send Vinicius Junior Support After Alledge Racial Abuse (Photo)

Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior was allegedly racially abused by a Valencia supporter during the 1-0 loss on Sunday at Mestalla Stadium.

After Vinicius identified the fan in the crowd behind the Valencia goal, the referee stopped the contest for nearly 10 minutes in the second half. The Brazil international spoke out about and is receiving support from the football world. 

Paris Saint-Germain stars Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Jr. went on Instagram to upload a story, as the two players reacted to the incident. 

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  1. I most furiously say that mr tebas the Spanish football president he’s hypocripe human been since when this racism as been happening in Spain on vinicius and yet nothing as been done by the Spanish football federation but if Madrid fall into any crime that’s against the Spanish football he and his subordinate will take it all high on Los blancos
    But I may ask ansu fathi is a black why no racism on him bcos he can’t be compare with vinicius progress.
    I will say this that Tebas support racism on vinicius

  2. Thanks a lot from Mbappe and Jnr Neymar for your support guys 🤟the world is proud of you guys keep on supporting each other..One Love We Move 💯 ..all the way from Zimbabwe, Africa 🌍

  3. For past 20 years, the Spanish football federation has been very unfair with Los Blancos. Reason best known to them. Barcelona are already facing an alleged bribe charge on the chairman of Spanish referees.
    I laugh when people try to make it seem like the Spanish FA was not aware of this agreement. But it’s good. Life has taught us that when you have alot of prospect and potential backed by a high legacy and integrity to protect like Real Madrid has you’ll surely attract hatred and envious hearts. Go to England and ask Wilfred Zaha and a couple of black players why they’ve never taken the knee, as a sign against racism. He said it is been staged, that after the act on a black boy, girl or player, nothing will be done to the offender or racist, instead They’ll try to petronize us by taking the knee. Like they mean it in thier hearts. In the case of Vini jr and the Spanish FA it is just a matter of sentiment because he is a Real Madrid player and has mad talent that alot of them can’t seem to accept or understand how he came to be. But we already have a slogan#Never give up. #Black lives matter. And we’ll keep pushing till we are free.

  4. I am tired of white people thinking we owe them an apology for being black. Next time these racists start their trouble again all Black and Proud Players must refuse to play for their teams for just one weekend and they will see that without us they have no football.

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