Barcelona Makes Bold Move with First Contract Offer to Messi – Report

FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta went publicly after the Spanish club won La Liga to state their interest in bringing Lionel Messi back to Camp Nou.

The 35-year-old’s contract expires on June 30 and he will become a free agent. After Messi left in 2021, it seems the primary objective for Laporta has been to bring the Argentine back to the Catalan side. 

SPORT reports that the steps have begun as Barcelona has made their first offer to Messi. The Spanish media outlet reveals that the club has a €25 million per season offer with a contract until 2025. 

Furthermore, Laporta and Co. believe that the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner will accept their proposal allowing him to come back home. It seems if Messi is keen on remaining in Europe, Barcelona is the only place.

Outside of the La Liga club, there’s interest from Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal and MLS side Inter Miami. However, if the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner wants to win another UEFA Champions League, then it’s best to return to Camp Nou. 

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  1. Lionel Messi is deceiving himself by dreaming of winning the UEFA Cup as the reason for coming back to Barcelona. He should go and reat at the Saudi Arabian easy league and get money to take care oc his family in his old age. That is what his friend Cristiano Ronaldo has done. Who told him that he will touch UEFA Cup again? Even for that ambition Barcelona’s chance is cancelled. Don’t come to make Barcelona bankrupt. This return will be a foolish ambition.

    1. Only a fool will reason this way, how do you determine human success, if you have failed in every areas of your life do you think the same will happen to other? I’m sure that you were very sad seeing messi win world cup at 35years, sour loser.

    2. foolish talk, who are you to determine who will success and who will not success, if you have failed in all expects of your life, does it mean that other will fail like you? I am sure you were very sad seeing messi win the world cup at 35 years old, sour loser.

    3. at the age of 39,messi will be best player of europe, and can able to make difference

    4. Only fools like you will think that impossibility, that’s how you people’s says he will never touched world cup. Fools

    5. youre delusional. Messi doesn’t need more money, he’s just playing for the love of the game at this point. he has already won every trophy. if he went to the saudi league, people would just bully him like his “friend” Ronaldo. You are a fool like Barcelona.

    6. You should understand what Loyalty is. He already has more than enough. Life is not all about money

    7. Loyalty to them that raised him is what he is projecting. Life is not all about money.

  2. Winning the World Cup and best player at the World Cup at age 35 means Messi still has a lot to offer and can play top flight football in Europe. Money is not everything it’s better to play in Europe than going to play in a terribly low rated league

  3. Messi told you that he broke? Messi feels he still has more to offer but PSG don’t see that in him. Football is passion and Messi passion is football so he believe if he must continues to enjoy football the best thing to do is to stayed in Europe and keep playing instead of going to the camels🐫 league. Money can’t buy love

    1. PSG is a joke of a club messi was always going to be unhappy there because the owner only worries about glitz and glamour nor character

  4. Messi loves football.He can win Champions League with Barcelona. At PSG he was not given the right place.

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