Why PSG’s Sergio Ramos Called Out Twitter Owner Elon Musk

Changes have come to Twitter as the verification checkmark that lets users know who was a celebrity, athlete, etc., has changed where anyone can purchase it for $8 a month isn’t sitting well with Sergio Ramos.

Nonetheless, the verification checkmark changes aren’t what’s bothering the Paris Saint-Germain defender; it’s that new Twitter owner Elon Musk prioritized making that change rather than attacking the hate that anyone can say, especially behind an anonymous account.

“@elonmusk, eliminating blue badges, forcing payments and making money is one strategy,” Ramos tweeted. “Eliminating hatred, promoting respect and making @twitter a better place could be another one. Just saying …”

Football appears to be the sport where players can receive abuse online, with some comments reaching racial levels of hatred. As a result, Ramos has a point that Musk should’ve tackled the abuse that can occur on the social media outlet and not allow users to hide behind photos of footballers.

It will be interesting to see if Musk takes what Ramos said seriously or if Twitter continues to be a cesspool that will include hate toward footballers should they fail in a big moment during a match.

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