How Barcelona Will Reportedly Pay Messi’s Wages If He Returns to Camp Nou

FC Barcelona remains in a challenging financial situation, but that isn’t stopping them from attempting to reunite with Lionel Messi.

The Paris Saint-Germain star’s contract expires in June and Le Parisien reported how the Spanish club intends to pay the 35-year-old forward. Barcelona wants to give the Argentine a salary of €10 million per year. 

Furthermore, the Catalan side intends to pay the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner part of the sponsor income and incentive on ticketing revenue. Messi will also get a profit-sharing on the jerseys in his name sold. 

Messi remains reportedly in discussions with PSG, but no agreement has yet been reached between the two sides. Nonetheless, it might be in the French giant’s best interest to allow Messi to exit, possibly to Barcelona, considering they can use his wages to build a better squad.

Also, if the veteran isn’t keen on lowering his salary despite being 36 years old when the 2023-24 season begins, it wouldn’t make sense from the Ligue 1 side’s perspective. 

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  1. PSG will regret treating Messi like a commoner.How do u refuse to give a great player like Messi the money he wants citing stupid reasons like easing the budget to build a better squad while he singlehandedly brings a huge revenue to the business?Where are they going to find better players than him?He is the best in the world for heaven’s sake.Are they not aware he is the greatest weapon they have?The only thing the players have to do is to swallow their pride and play for him,make sure the game revolves around him,then Mbappe will score twice the number of goals he currently scores just like
    Surez did while playing with Messi and Neymar at Barcelona. People used to say Messi was a system player and couldn’t play for any team either than Barcelona.He has proven them wrong with his performances with his national team. Those guys at the Argentine national team play for him as if their lives depend on it.He inturn as the most unselfish player I have ever seen, then controls the rythim of the game as a playmaker,creates and also scores goals.It is unfair that he brings a lot of revenue to PSG from a commercial side including jersey sales and then they give more money to Mbappe and complaints when he asks for his fair share. As for his age,they have a stupid argument about it. Messi is a very skillful player and he does not rely on speed to be effective. Mbappe and Ronaldo rely on speed.Take the speed away from them and they are useless.With Messi,just give him the ball and you will see.Infact,he runs faster with the ball than without it,as Pep Guardiola posited.PSG must just get players willing to die for him and they will then dominate Europe for at least the next 5 years.Messi can play up until he is 45 if he so wishes.

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