AS Roma Star Shares Hilarious Story Regarding Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo Rivalry

Paulo Dybala is one of the few players that could say they played with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Nonetheless, the Argentine is Team Messi; make no question about it. 

In a recent interview, Dybala, who was teammates with Ronaldo at Juventus, revealed how he jokingly told the Portuguese star that there was hatred toward him due to the rivalry with Messi. 

“I spent three nice years with Cristiano, the team was very strong and he added something more,” Dybala said (h/t TalkSPORT). “There’s a big rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo in Argentina.

“Once, we were flying out for a game, I was sitting at the back of the plane and he was slightly ahead. At some point, he came to me, we spoke about life in general for a while. I told him: ‘As a kid, I practically hated you.’ We laughed about it and we’ve always been on good terms.”

While the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry isn’t where it was over the last 10 years, the two players continue to be linked as they chase various records at the club level toward the end of their football careers. As a result, the debate of who is better will rage on. 

Football fans should enjoy these last few years of these two legendary players because it might be a while before another debate, such as the Ronaldo-Messi rivalry, will divide fans and take on a life of its own, considering the fan accounts it has created. 

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