Why Neymar Keeps PSG From Progressing, According to French Media Pundit

RMC Sport pundit Daniel Riolo isn’t shy about going after Neymar Jr. as he believes it’s time for Paris Saint-Germain to move from the 31-year-old. 

Riolo again took an opportunity to advise the leaders at PSG to sell the Brazilian, who’s under contract until 2025, but reports suggest that it actually expires in 2027

Nonetheless, on a recent episode of After Foot RMC, Riolo stated that the capital club could not move forward if Neymar remained on the squad. 

“You have to tell the truth; not many people want this player,” Riolo said on the show (h/t Paris Fans). “Except for the prestige, but still… there aren’t too many to have. It’s normal if he thinks that because there isn’t such a good soup anywhere else. After all, he has a contract; he will want to honor it.

“Now we will see if PSG is solid. Are they able to sign him a check and say, ‘you’re leaving?’ Or if he stays, can he become a man who goes on the bench because simply given his physical condition and his repeated injuries, you cannot build a sports project with him. Imagine he comes back and he’s still good for two months; you can’t build your team around him because you know he’s going to dump you in March. As long as he is there, you will not be able to progress.”

Neymar is out for the 2022-23 season after suffering an ankle injury in the 4-3 victory over Lille OSC on Feb. 19. The veteran forward will be out for two to three months rehabbing his injury as he prepares for the 2023-24 season. 

It’s tough envisioning any club taking a chance on Neymar coming off an ankle injury on a permanent deal; perhaps a loan would be realistic. Nonetheless, his wages will also shrink the pool of possible interested clubs, so it will be interesting to see what happens. 

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    1. Yes, is jealous of Ney. You can praise Mpappe, Mpappe is a french and he plays his football at home. Ney made Mbappe to shine he made him to score goals, so what are you saying Roilo? Either you like it or not Ney is talented no player like Ney.

  1. Neymar is the reason there were in the final twice. Kylin mbampe was the reason they lost in the final with baryen. He was not there Neymar did what he could and he was in tears .. did Maria kept fullbacks from going in as attackers . Then they sack tuchel carvani and Thiago. And these guys were a team.. whosever is making decisions is not coming up with a team. Potro was a team. Chelsea’s winners were a team.. Leonardo and giving another player decision making is hurting what did we say of mbampe leadership.
    Psg was the most exciting team under tuchel in champions league.

  2. neymar hante les nuits de daniel riolo, sa haine viscérale contre le joueur est devenue un cancer pour lui! neymar ne se blesse pas seul c’est toujours pendant son travail pourquoi daniel veut gâcher sa carrière avec ses ragots ! neymar apporte beaucoup au psg!

  3. If you hate Neymar just say it out plsss….Neymar is very talented and always ready to fight 💀stop being sour ohhhh

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