Patrice Evera Rips PSG for Rolling Out Red Carpet to Kim Kardashian, Celebraties

The nickname “Hollywood FC” that Paris Saint-Germain has isn’t one of endearment. Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra slammed the capital club for how it rolls out the red carpet for celebrities. 

Evra’s remarks came on the heels of Kim Kardashian attending the game and noted that until PSG begins prioritizing football, it will never win the UEFA Champions League. 

“In the VIP stands, you don’t see Bernard Lama; instead, it’s Kim Kardashian and the like,” Evra said on RMC Sport. “It’s a show business club; football isn’t the priority, no. 

“Nasser Al Khelaifi loves the club; they’re doing a great job – but the message seems to be that when I’m going to watch a PSG game, it’s to watch a concert. I’m in the VIP lodge; there’s Champagne, appetizers… But guys, where are the old players?”

While Paris is a marquee city that many people, even celebrities, visit, but there’s a growing resentment that the marketing side takes the lead in how the capital club operates. 

Often there’s a belief that PSG is more of a marketing club than a football one and there was some hope that with Kylian Mbappé extending his contract and the arrival of sporting advisor Luis Campos that this would change.

However, the same issues that many have a problem with continue and it will be interesting to see if any of this changes and the French giants can begin to feel like a football club. 

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