Introducing PSG Talk Extra Time

The world of digital publishing has changed a lot since PSG Talk launched in 2015. Today, we’re announcing a new initiative that will hopefully serve Paris Saint-Germain supporters worldwide.

PSG Talk Extra Time is our new subscription-based platform on Substack. Don’t worry; subscribing is free, and all the content is also add-free. Just enter your email address, and you’re in!

We’re still in the early stages, but at launch, we’re excited to offer the following:

  • Two weekly columns from PSG experts.
  • A weekly newsletter curating the most important PSG news.
  • Weekly podcast on a PSG topic selected by subscribers.

We’re open to ideas, so let us know what you would like to see. We hope that this is a space that true PSG supporters can come, exchange ideas, and have a civil discourse without the distraction of advertisements and fans of other teams. will still be your destination for breaking news and our long-form podcast. Nothing will change with the site. PSG Talk Extra Time is simply your destination for more premium insight without the premium cost.

Hope to see you there and Allez PSG!

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