Thierry Henry Explains Major Problem at PSG When Dealt With Adversity (Video)

French football pundit Thierry Henry was at the contest between AS Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain, where the capital club fell 3-1 on Saturday at the Stade Louis-II.

Before the first leg matchup between PSG and Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, Henry was on the set of CBS Sports, where he discussed the current state of the French giants.

Additionally, Henry noted how a minuscule fraction can destabilize PSG, even if the team is atop Ligue 1 and currently fighting in the Champions League.

“I’ve seen something that I’ve never witnessed before,” Henry said pregame. “I’ve seen captains [and] players addressing a crowd like I’ve seen with Kimpembe Monaco-Paris Saint-Germain, but not when your team is top of the league and about to play a game against Bayern. You need to reassure your fans and tell them, ‘We will fight, we will run. We’re having a problem at the minute. Yes, we will address in a dressing room, but we need you at the moment. We need to be together’ … That’s what he said.

“The problem with Paris Saint-Germain is always hot and cold. So when everything goes well, it goes well. But as soon as there is a little problem, it’s like a fracture because the cohesion with the fans is not always there.”

Henry isn’t wrong that the slightest bit of adversity the capital club has faced during their season over the last few years feels like the sky is falling. Nonetheless, PSG hasn’t shown that they rise to the occasion when dealing with a challenging situation.

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