Emiliano Martinez Makes a Case Why Lionel Messi Is the Undisputed Greatest Player of All-Time

Lionel Messi put the finishing touches on his career resume in December, leading the Argentina national team to its third-ever FIFA World Cup trophy. From the 10 total goal contributions to the two goals scored in the final against France, Messi regularly delivered when it mattered the most for Argentina.

Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez had a front-row seat to watch Messi orchestrate one of the most memorable World Cup-winning runs in the history of the sport. From Martinez’s standpoint, he believes that Argentina’s 2022 World Cup tournament win cemented Messi’s legacy as the greatest football player ever.

“I won everything as an international playing with the best ever player of all time,” Martinez told Sky Sports.

“The only guy [who] I think completes football because I don’t think anyone else [has] done what Messi [has] done.”

Messi has won it all in his career, from four UEFA Champions League titles to two major international tournament wins with Argentina.

For now, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner sure is looking to do what he can to help PSG finish this season as a double-winner.

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